Northampton County


Site Name:

Sandts Eddy (36 Nm 12)

Borough, Township:

Lower Mount Bethel Township


Chris Bergman


BHE Environmental, Inc.

Date of Site:

Stratum XI (bifurcate horizon), 9300+/-130 B.P. and 9420+/-90 B.P.
   Stratum IX (Middle Archaic), 7330+/-60 B.P. and 7080+/-70 B.P.

Early Archaic, Middle Archaic, Late Archaic, Transitional Archaic, Middle Woodland, Late Woodland, 19th century Historic

Project Sponsor:

TranscontinentalGas Pipeline Corporation

Brief Description:  Sandts Eddy is a deeply stratified multicomponent prehistoric site located along the Middle Delaware Valley.  The 1991-1994 Sandts Eddy excavations exposed roughly 251 m2 of archaeological deposits, most of this in block areas, and 84 m2  were excavated to depths exceeding 4 m. 

The field investigation utilized a well-controlled proveniencing system that included piece plotting of artifacts with depth measurements referenced to a USGS bench mark.  By applying up-to-date analytical techniques, such as microwear analysis and refitting, it was possible to examine prehistoric behavior in considerable detail during the early prehistory of the Delaware. 

In 1995, the PHMC awarded the Sandts Eddy project the 1st Annual Historic Preservation Commendation for Archaeology.  Research at the site was later highlighted by the Secretary of the Interior in his Annual Report to the United States Congress.

For further information on dating see Bergman et al. An Introduction to the Early and Middle Archaic Occupations at Sandts Eddy.  In The Archaic Period in Pennsylvania.  PHMC 1998.